We welcome everyone at around 14.00 o’clock on Saturday 25th of May 2024. The ceremony starts at 14.40 at our own premises, in the orchard, if wheather permits.

After the ceremony we raise the glass, there will be music and all kinds of local food. Local caterers will deliver warm local dishes foodtruck-style, around 18 o’clock. Around 20 o’clock we will all have desert together. Afterwards, there will be ever more music and dancing. There’s no end time (yet).

How to reach the wedding?

Antwerp is not very far away (about one hour and fifteen minutes) and there is an international fast train (Thalys) that stops in Antwerp. The same train stops in Rotterdam. From Antwerp, you would need to rent a car to get to our premises (Boogerdweg 6, Kerkwerve). From Rotterdam there are public transport options. From Rotterdam Central Station a metro goes to Rotterdam Zuidplein (10 minutes). And from there, during the week an interliner (395) goes straight to Zierikzee busstation (50 minutes travel time). In the weekend and during the week after 18 o’clock, a bus goes to Oude-Tonge (bus 436). There you transfer (transfer time 5 minutes) to a bus to Zierikzee busstation (133). Total travel time from Rotterdam Zuidplein to Zierikzee busstation is one hour and fifteen minutes.

Public transport information can be found at this website: 9292.

There are not many taxi’s on the island, however if you plan in advance taxi’s can be arranged. Taxi companies are for example: Taxi de Vlieger. Please let us know your plan and we will try to help you.

If you travel with your own car you can park at the parking place of restaurant the Heerenkeet (address Boogerdweg 1, Kerkwerve) and alongside the dike, half in the grass. At our premises parking is not possible due to the wedding. There’s a shop called ‘Viswinkel’ near our house with a large parking lot; please don’t park here either.

Suggestion: you can rent electric bicycles at Jan de Jonge or Centerpoint Zierikzee. Spontaneous cab rides are hard to organize; planned cab rides are more easy to arrange. Saturday 25th in the evening there will be one person who is available to drive guests to their accommodation, with one of our cars.

Suggestion: there is a busstop at a fifteen minutes walk from our house, at the Verseputseweg (for the way to go).

Carpooling: we might be able to arrange that you can carpool with friends coming from Rotterdam. Let us know if this what you would prefer.

Stay (camping)

You are very welcome to stay over in the orchard. With tents this will always fit. Please bring warm sleeping bags and mattresses, since it can still be cold at night in May. If you would like to camp, but you don’t have any gear, please let us know. We have some tents available and we could also opt to rent a tent and gear for you.

There is a warm shower in the house and in Martine’s office. We will rent a mobile toilet. In the orchard there’s a former stable, what we will transform into a nice place to ‘hang’, make some tea and coffee.

If you breng or rent a camper van; please let us know. We can accommodate about 3 camper vans in the orchard. More will be difficult.

For those who decide to camp out: you can put up your tent starting Friday morning (if you decide to come on a Friday), until latest 13 o’clock on Saturday on designated areas. Afterwards we will prepare the orchard for the ceremony. Between 17.00 and 18.00 there will be another opportunity to put up tents on the place of the ceremony.

On Sunday we will arrange a breakfast around 11 o’clock for those who camp out and for whoever is in the neighbourhood and wants to come over for breakfast (please let us know beforehand).

Please jump in our swimming pond or the ‘sea’ (Oosterschelde) if you feel like it. So you don’t forget your swimming gear!

Camping, not your cup of tea?

My parents rented a group accommodation (the Rietgors) that still has some rooms available that we would love to share with our international guests.

Nearby our house and terrain there are many B&B’s hotels and campings that have lodges or tiny houses. Our recommendations:

In Zierikzee (7 km by bicycle, also well reachable by public transport, except at night): B&B de Zeeuwse Hemel, and many different options through AirBnB.

In Kerkwerve and surroundings (2 km by bicycle/foot): de Heerenkeet appartements are already booked for close family, hotel ’t Hof van Alexander is very near, but not really our taste (chic). Camping d’Oute Poppe is situated at 2 km (half our walking) and rents out chalets and a lodge.

Kerkwerve further out (4 km by bicycle): Recreatieboerderij Van Langeraad rents out a chalet and holiday home . Hotel de Schelphoek is quite near (but not really our taste, and we don’t know about quality).

Ellemeet (7 km by bicycle): de Zilte Zeehoeve (glamping) and de Schelphoeve (chalets).

Noordgouwe (7 km fietsen): this AirBnB seems nice

Be careful: many B&Bs rent out for a minimum of 2 nights. Think about staying for a long weekend (or even longer).


We have three children. They will bring one or two friends. Our closest family will bring their children.

We are not stimulating everyone to bring their children, but we completely understand if you want or need to bring them. Please let us know your considerations. We are trying to find a few babysitters that can be of support and as soon as we have their contact information we will put it here.


If you’re taking the effort to come all the way to the Netherlands for this wedding, please realize, your presence is the ultimate gift!!